Download Complete Twinkas Peer To Peer Donation PHP Source Code

by Sitorus Daryani in , on April 21, 2020

Twinkas Script is your number one peer donation website script, if you want to start your very own donation industry in style. There is no need for you to build from scratch anymore. When advance powerful tool for creating outstanding websites for the donation market is available here at, you can win easily. Choose wisely and you can have your website up and running shortly once you purchase this script from us.

Our twinkas script are coming up with lots of advantages like * 2*1 peer to peer system * Automatic assign * Block feature * Send bulk mail * Sub admin management * Top sponsors * Privilege to active/suspend members * Referral Management * Secure Login * Promotional Tools * Down-line Tree View View the full set of features.

How TWINKAS Compensation Plan Works

When you Join, you will need to donate the sum of either N5000, N10000, N20000 or N50000 to a fellow member assigned by the system or your direct link, and the member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount each, into your bank account, making 200% (i.e. 200% of N5000 is N10000, 200% of N10000 is N20000, 200% of N20000 is N40000 and 200% of N50000 is N100000).

It will assign referrals to pay you. You will have 24 hours to make payment to who you are merged with, if not your account will be deleted.
Activation code is generated and sent to members, which is used for activation on receiving payment from a payer.
The activation code is kept confidential for security reasons, which allows the activation of a payer account/page.
After you have received payment from 2 people under you, the system will automatically EXIT you and allows unlimited registration.
All donations are made directly to member account.

Script Features: 

  • 2X1 peer to peer system
  • Manual assign and automatic assign
  • Automatic Assign
  • Block Feature
  • Help from same payment gateway
  • Multilanguage
  • Referral system
  • Privileage to active/suspend members
  • Eye-catching home page
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Fake payment encounter
  • CMS page.
  • A good deal of payment gateways can be added
  • Package switching when you lost your account
  • Secure Login
  • Upload proof of payment feature
  • Facility to change password
  • Automatic email notification for all activities.
  • Marketing tools
  • Bonus for testimonials
  • Ticket system
  • Profile picture upload
  • Write to support

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    HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript

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    5.6, and 5.4

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